Acomplia v/s Phentermine

The Wondrous Acomplia- Obesity has turned out to be a serious health hazard for millions all over the world. This disease leads individual’s to take drastic and some time even life threatening steps to fight weight and stay fit. The onset of obesity has opened doors for a lot of diet pills, some of which have really proved there mettle and have changed the lifestyle of numerous obese people.

One such miraculous pill is Acomplia, with Acomplia say adieu to obesity and remain healthy for good part of your life. Acomplia is the diet pill for the future. It is an anorectic drug which is a CB1 cannabinoid receptor antagonist. Acomplia works as an appetite suppressant which is best used in conjunction with a low calorie intake and a regular exercise regime. The result is superb weight loss, not only this; Acomplia also helps in managing the weight which is lost and is also an aid for heart problems.

Acomplia helps in reducing the excessive craving for food, and hence reduces the intake of food. This oral prescription assists in lowering bad cholesterol and increasing the levels of good cholesterol while maintaining triglyceride levels.

Phentermine- The old king of the weight loss arena seems to be losing its position with the advent of Acomplia. Phentermine is a weight loss medicine prescribed for short term control over obesity. The long term effects of the drug have not been formulated. The intake of Phentermine can cause side effects like: dry mouth, blurred vision, stomach upset, sleeplessness, irritability, and constipation. Along with suppressing an individual’s appetite it can elevate the blood pressure and heart rate of an individual.

Phentermine comes under the category of anorectic drugs; it stimulates the central nervous system, increases the blood pressure and heart rate and decreases an individual’s appetite. Regular usage of Phentermine can lead it to become habit forming. The use of Phentermine is not advised for all. The use of this drug is advised with caution in regard to individuals suffering from health conditions like: history of drug abuse, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, glaucoma and high blood pressure.

Acomplia vs Phentermine- Which is better?? Acomplia is generating a great deal of excitement among millions of obese and seriously overweight people. The drug has already been approved in UK and several other European countries will soon hit the US market under the trade name Zimulti. The clinical trials of Acomplia have proved its merit over Phentermine. Acomplia helps manage the lost weight and is very safe as compared to Phentermine. Are you prepared for Acomplia- the very promising weight control miracle.