How To Lose Weight Fast: Secrets You Wish You Knew Years Ago!

Losing weight has become a very big issue in our lives, especially after the emergence of many diet plans each with a different set of rules and restrictions to set a certain weight loss goal.

For us, and for you, this is a great hassle as we don’t know which to choose to drop the unwanted pounds and most important and have those lost fat gained back again!

Today, we’ll share our personal experience with you discussing the best, yet simple methods how to lose weight fast at home.

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How To Lose Weight At Home:

Lots of us want to lose weight and at the comfort of our own home, some of us hate going to the gym, or just don’t like going out much, or have to stay at home to take care of the family! Nevertheless, this is not a valid excuse for you not to lose weight at home! There’s no excuse after today since I’ll tell you how to lose weight fast at home.

Consuming fewer calories and burning more calories is the basic concept of losing pounds and we all know that. However, I’ll give you some effective tips to drop pounds fast, healthily and effectively and from the comfort of your own home.

How To Lose Weight Fast But Safe?

1. One Week Of Writing Will Make You Lose It:

If you write consistently for a week on an every meal and food basis or drink entering your mouth in notebook BEFORE you eat it, you’ll process that you don’t want to have this unhealthy option listed in your notebook!

You know it’ll not help you with dropping pounds and this is the best effective way how to lose weight naturally, because you can visualize what you’re eating and doing and you the food staring in front of you in the face and you’ll feel guilty or regret eating the unhealthy food you’re about to eat!

Bottom line: grab a pen and paper and write down everything you’re going to eat before you do to lose it.

2. 10% Extra Calories Are What You’re Actually Eating:

If you think that you’ve consumed a certain amount of calories, for instance, 1650 calories, then you get on the scale and don’t see the scale going down, it’s because you’re consuming more than you think. Add 10% of calories to your calculations and this is what you’re eating. This is one of the great tricks how to lose weight really fast.

3. Socialize Online For Quicker Results:

Once you get to know someone online, or perhaps someone you already know, and that person wants to lose weight too, and is so determined to drop extra pounds, you’ll be motivated and challenged to see who will lose more quickly. Because, once you see your friend fitting in their clothes and you’re not, you’ll be disappointed and strongly motivated to focus on weight loss as you can see actual results.

4. Stop Focusing But Focus Right:

When you keep your focus on what you think you’re missing like junk food, the delicious ice cream, all the unhealthy options you gave up for weight loss, big chances are you’ll go eat them!

So FOCUS RIGHT! Focus on your weight loss goals, the closet that’s full of clothes that don’t fit anymore, how good you’ll look and feel! Focus on positive affirmation to help you drop pounds, for instance – I’ll get my 30 mins of walk and burn those calories –  Find and write down your weight loss motivations and affirmations sentences to help you fit in your jeans and smile next time you get up on that scale.

5. Breakfast Then Fluid-Up:

Drink a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice while you’re having your breakfast, it’s great for you! Nevertheless, after breakfast, I’d like you to keep your focus on drinking lots of water rather than drinking juices; fresh or boxed. You can find yourself consuming an extra 245 calories daily just for soft drinks! If you do the math, it’s 90,000 yearly which is equal to 25 pounds!!

6. Don’t Eat The Last Three Bites Of Your Meal:

Or one less glass of juice or one less junk meal. You can save yourself 100 calories or more a day, which will protect you from gaining 1-2 pounds this week! Now imagine how many pounds it’ll save you a year??

How To Lose Weight Fast For Women?

1. Baby Steps At First:

Start by the little things like going for a 15-minute walk and build it up gradually as days go by and your muscles get stronger.

2. Discouragement Is Not An Option:

Don’t ever feel discouraged when you don’t hit your expected weight loss goal, try, in fact, setting realistic goals to make the journey encouraging and smooth.

3. Set Realistic Goals And Habits:

For instance, if you had a habit of drinking soda on a daily basis, or eating French fries, candies, dessert, including carbs with each and every meal, any sort of unhealthy habit you know you have. A lifestyle of heavy calorie foods on a daily basis will never get you dropping pounds but gaining more. Cut out any of these bad habits gradually and try replacing them with good ones; like eating salad with your meals.

4. Get Addicted to that healthy meal you love:

There must be one healthy meal or more that you like to eat! Good! I want you to eat that meal a lot and try filling your day with those healthy meals you love to see those pounds dropping.

5. Get Yourself In The Kitchen:

Cook yourself some lunch or dinner, prepare your breakfast overnight! If you’re like me and not a fan of the kitchen, you can search for quick, easy, yet healthy recipes, there are recipes that took only 10 – 15 minutes, my favorite were those made in the microwave!

How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally?

There are thousands of methods to lose weight as you browse the internet and it’s increasing by the day.

Nevertheless, losing the pounds naturally is way better and here are some tips for you!

1. Know What’s On Your Plate:

When you cook your food, at least you know what’s in there, opposite to when eating at a restaurant or buying processed food, there are, without a doubt, added sugars and artificial flavors and chemicals that you don’t need and add massive calories!

2. Eat Your Snacks But Eat Them Right:

Snacks are very important when going on a diet and losing weight because they get your metabolism pumping, your appetite suppressed and decreasing the need of indulging on huge meals.

So, instead you’ll be eating smaller meals and getting your stomach used to small meals, so your tummy has no option but to shrink down!

3. Water:

I know that lots out there, including myself, don’t like drinking water, or we are busy and don’t think about it. So, I decided to boost things up and prepare my flavored water and put next to me wherever I go!

It’s like a fresh juice and you have so many flavors! So go crazy with your flavors, but make sure to drink a lot.

4. Drink Your Coffee, But, Not Like You Used To:

Remember this morning when you were adding the sugar or cream or however you like your coffee and you drank the calorie rich drink first thing in your day! Do you know how many unnecessary calories you just swallowed into your body when you drank your coffee?

So, since drinking coffee is a major part of your day, don’t make it a burden and drink it black with the least sugar possible.

5. Stop Drinking Up Calories:

As I mentioned earlier in this post, don’t drink up calories; sodas, boxed juices, sweetened tea or coffee, milkshakes and such!

It’ll not make you fill full, it’ll fill you up with calories and you’ll eat after a while and still be hungry!

6. Some Carbs Are Enough:

We all love eating bread and pasta, but when we eat too much of them, your belly starts responding in a growing matter! You definitely don’t want that!

Also, French fries potatoes show around your belly, however, try considering knowing how to make French fries the healthy way in your microwave or oven! And believe, I didn’t like the idea till I tried it myself and loved the microwaved French fries!

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7. Fasting:

one of the powerful methods for losing weight is fasting! I really tried this one, I started with 12 hours from 7 PM to 7 AM and built it up to 18 hours and now, I’m aiming for 18 hours! You’ll not believe how much weight you lose when you do intermittent fasting! It’s just remarkable!

I believe you’ve covered a lot of ways how to lose weight fast! Share your own experience and be an inspiration for others who wish to lose the pounds like you did!